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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  June 12, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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little boy in a public bathroom. i'll tell you why it may be easy to recognize him. >> nature's destruction. thousands evacuated as several wildfires burn out of control in colorado. how today's weather could impact the fight. >> winds kicking in, skies clearing out, lots of sunshine coming our way. we'll talk about that coming up. >> and a hit-and-run accident in pinole could cause big delays for the eastshore freeway. i'll have details in a few minutes. good morning. it's wednesday, june 12. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it's 5:00. developing news from the east bay where a manhunt continues for a child molester. kpix 5's sue kwon is at the berkeley marina where a boy was attacked in a restroom. sue. >> reporter: good morning. yes, this morning, we are told that berkeley police are still searching for the suspect in this incident. a mother told police that a boy went here to this public bathroom next to shorebird park here at the end of university
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avenue and this happened about 1:30. a man was inside the bathroom and allegedly molested or fondled him. police brought in several different law enforcement groups and they searched for foot, by dirt bike and helicopter inspecting cars leaving the area. the special victims units spoke with the boy. the suspect description is unusual, an african-american man with blonde hair with green streaks. we don't know at this point if it was a wig or his hair dyed. but that's the extent of the description. it's quiet though morning. the bathrooms are closed. reporting live in berkeley, back to you. >> sue, have you seen any searchers out there this morning? >> you know, they have been out all night.
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this area is a regional park area. there are campers, fishermen who park, so i imagine that they are around the area not right here in the park which is very quiet and safe now. thank you, sue. the attempted to kidnap of a teenager caught on camera. the 16-year-old ran to a home near quarry lakes regional park on monday. she says she was about to drive away from a grocery store when a man pulled a knife on her, forced her to drive to a park. she ran for help. a woman took her in and then called a neighbor who took new security cameras. she said don't come out of your house. we usually take our kids could school at that time. i started looking at the cameras and i noticed, you know, i saw what i saw in the camera. >> fremont police used fingerprints to identify the suspects, here he is, 23-year- old aron kumar roy. he was arrested at his job in dublin. he is expected in court today. two murders in antioch in
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less than 12 hours. the latest just a few hours ago. shortly after midnight, a 21- year-old man was found shot to death near 19th and d streets in the evening. police found the body of a 70- year-old man inside a home on horseshoe circle later in the evening. the man's identity hasn't been revealed or cause of death. both cases are treated as homicides. turkey's prime minister is set to meet with activists who have been protesting in istanbul. protestors have been clashing with the police who have been using rubber bullets, water cannon and tear gas to disperse the crowd there. it began almost two weeks ago as a protest against plans to cut down trees at the park. but as police cleared the area it has now evolved into a nationwide protest against the prime minister there. protestors say he is trying to force his conservative islamic views now on the turkish
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people. >> personal freedom. that's the -- that is the minimum that everybody here agrees upon. >> the prime minister contends extremists are behind the protest in an effort to damage that country's image. the black forest fire in colorado springs started yesterday burning 40 homes. thousands of people are out of their homes. no injuries have been reported. two people were killed and destroyed hundreds of homes in a fire nearby last year. >> it was about that time last year when we had that big fire in waldo canyon. >> firefighters got some help from the weather overnight as it got cooler and less windy. they had record high temperatures and strong winds yesterday. three other wildfires are burning out of control in colorado. and more dangerous weather is expected over muc of the
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country today. powerful thunderstorms are expected from iowa to maryland including hail and strong winds, possibly even tornadoes. there is already flooding in maryland from storms that hit the last two days. >> all we have here is a lot of sunshine. >> yeah. >> i'll take it. >> that's why we like california. we do get extreme weather here but not like in other pardons of the -- in other parts of the country. still today, sunshine, mostly clear skies, a little cool in spots and that's because our skies have clear out very nicely outside. looks like a few high clouds drifting overhead. you see some of those in the distance. otherwise a clear start to the day and looking good. cool temperatures especially in the north bay valleys down to 46 degrees in santa rosa. 57 in san jose. and 53 degrees in san francisco. as we sail into the afternoon, a little breezy in spots, especially approaching the coastline and just inside the bay. otherwise 60s and 70s inside the bay. 70s and low 80s in the valleys and 50s and 60s breezy with sunshine out at the coast.
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all right. let's check the roads with liza battalones. >> good morning. this accident still out there in the pinole area and it has shut down the pinole valley road exit from westbound 80. first reported 30 minutes ago a car hit another car. that car fled, the first one, leaving the other vehicle over the edge over the ditch with a driver trapped inside the vehicle. so there are injuries with this accident. chp has shut down the pinole valley road exit from westbound 80. if you normally take this exit off westbound 80, get off at willow avenue during the closure. the rest of the commute, 580 through the livermore valley you can see it's very slow. westbound traffic is the headlights heavy in pockets from the altamont pass. you're going to hit the brakes at grant line road and it's slow on and off to the 680 interchange. 880 through the oakland area earlier roadwork is picked up and traffic is very quiet. so if you want to take 880 to get over to the oakland airport
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exit off at hegenberger, that's fine so far this morning, no delays reported for the bart system. that's a look at the wednesday commute. thank you. cal-osha investigators are looking into a deadly construction accident at the site of the new 49ers football stadium. kpix 5's elizabeth wenger joins us live from santa clara where work on the facility has been suspended for today. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. all is clear here an empty construction sight now for the second day. grief counselors will also be made available to the victims' coworkers family and friends. 1,000 workers left the job early yesterday. that deadly accident happened shortly after the workday started. the victim was 63-year-old donald white. he was an elevator mechanic, father of four. he was working in the bottom of an elevator shaft when, according to cal osha, a
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counter weight came down on him. the $1.2 billion stadium project broke ground about a year ago. there was only one other accident, a worker broke his foot last year. what went wrong this time now being investigated. >> we're looking at grief counselors. so right now the site is shut down. we have accounted for all the other workers on site. and they have been relieved to go home. >> reporter: the victim works for schindler elevator company out of san leandro. three separate agencies are also conducting investigations to see if there's anyone or anything at fault. out of respect for the victims, construction was shut down for one more day. work resumes tomorrow morning. >> liz, what did the 49 verse to say about it? >> reporter: they actually released a statement yesterday. they of course offered their condolences to white's family and friends and said the 49ers family lost a teammate today.
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>> elizabeth wenger live for us down in santa clara, thank you. white worked for the schindler elevator company. the department of labor says the company has had six accidents in five years, three resulting in serious citations and fines. in 2011 a worker fell down a shaft and was seriously injured. the company was fined $25,000 for that incident. they may not sound dangerous but a grand jury says young buck, fat joe and turtles are some of the worst criminals. they are the nicknames of some of the 48 suspects indicted in the county's biggest gang bust ever, including 10 women. they are suspected to be part of the nuestra familia gang. prosecutors say they call the shots for more than two dozen street gangs from behind bars. >> it's an ongoing thing. if one side is able to commit a violent crime, the next day the other side evens the score. it's an unfortunate cycle of violence. >> authorities hope the bust
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will break the cycle of violence. a similar crackdown in gilroy cut gang-related murders from 4 to 0 in 2011. a fix for oakland's police radio system. the problems reached a breaking point two years ago during a visit by the president and now some city leaders want to spend $3 million on public safety improvements including a new radio system. >> the improvements we're trying to make are not specific to the radio system. they are specific to systems that support our 911 dispatch center. >> police officers union and the fire department suggest instead that oakland join a regional public safety system. time now 5:10. coming up, is the dreamliner becoming a nightmare? the latest problem for boeing's 787. >> and don't mess with granny. what happened when a man tried to break into a southern california woman's house. >> and the one that got away. the fish tale these fishermen will be telling for a long time. >> are you kidding me?
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a couple of fishermen got ae surprise- trying to reel in their catch. this happened in alaska- the g oh, oh, oh, my god, are you kidding me? >> look at that! a couple of fishermen got a surprise reeling in this catch
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in alaska. they are trying to catch a halibut when the killer whale got to it first. can you imagine? >> no. >> pulling this thing up and all a sudden -- hello! >> their reaction was right on. i want to see it again. >> i may have dropped some other words. >> no kidding. >> look at that. >> oh, man. >> just came out of nowhere. >> welcome to seaworld up in alaska. >> awesome, liza. >> shamu all over again! good morning, everybody. we are going to talk about the commute. westbound 80 the busiest commute in the bay area is going to be a little slower than usual. we have this accident, the chp still working on it shutting down the pinole valley road exit from westbound 80. hit-and-run accident involving a car over a ditch. they are trying to get the driver out of the car. westbound 580 if you normally take the pinole valley exit take willow instead. that's your ultimate.
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accident in san mateo northbound 101 approaching hillsdale. car ran over debris in the left- hand lane. the car is stuck in the left- hand lane still green lights both up and down 101 through the peninsula. so that's still in good shape. the south bay commute no delays to talk about. we haven't had any major roadwork this morning and no big traffic delays for 101, 280 rolling well through the downtown san jose area. the bay bridge commute westbound 80 leaving oakland heading into the city is wide open this wednesday morning. no delays all the way across the upper deck getting into the city and the san mateo bridge is trouble-free. highway 92 looking good approaching the toll plaza and no delays all morning long for the bart system. that's a look at the wednesday commute. now to the news. oh, larry -- lawrence! >> we'll take it from here. we have some weather to talk about. skies clearing out nicely today. because of the clear skies, temperatures are a little chilly in spots especially in the north bay valleys. right now though looks like we are in the sweet spot. we have a trough of low pressure along the west coast. but we're staying dry now and
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it looks like the weather is going to work out nicely as we'll see plenty of sunshine into the afternoon. just a little cool to begin the day but mostly sunny even at the coastline as we'll see a slow warming trend over the next couple of days. there's that trough along the west coast continuing here, high pressure just can't build in right now. in fact, this trough is going to reamplify over the weekend to cool down the temperatures. it will be breezy in spots so sunny and cool especially approaching the coastline. you will find temperatures hot in the central valley, 97 degrees in fresno. 88 in sacramento. the same in yosemite. about 72 degrees and sunny in lake tahoe. 63 degrees in monterey bay. computer models trying to painted a couple of clouds coastside. don't think there will be much though. clears out throughout the day so expect sunshine even at the beaches around the bay area and looks like the temperatures going to be nice, too. numbers this afternoon in the south bay about 76 degrees in san jose. 82 in morgan hill. 73 in milpitas and 71 degrees in union city. east bay temperatures running
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up into the 70s and the low 80s. and then inside the bay you will feel that sea breeze right in through the golden gate. still should squeeze in 66 in sausalito, 66 in san francisco and about 72 in oakland. nice wet next couple day, probably going to warm up through friday. then over the weekend another area of low pressure drops in the bay area. it will bring with it a few more clouds and cool down our temperatures. those numbers stay below average through the beginning of the next week. so no big ridge of high pressure. no major heat wave. but the weather very pleasant especially compared to other parts of the country. >> nice and mild. >> we like it. >> thank you. nearly 100,000 state workers would get pay raises under a proposed contract. governor brown reached a tentative agreement with california's largest public employee union, the seiu. under the new three-year contract, workers would get 4.5 pay raises by july of next year possibly sooner than that. also guaranteed no furlough
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days and protected healthcare and retirement benefits. workers will vote on the proposal in two weeks. san jose city council has approved a budget with pay raises for the police. they voted 9-2 to approve a 2.6 billion-dollar budget that provides money to recruit and train police officers. it also allows for more police overtime until new officers can be sworn in and it beefs up the city's gang prevention programs as well. san jose has seen an unusual spike in murders this year. 23 so far. another glitch has hit boeing's fleet of 787 dreamliners. all nippon airways says a plane carrying 141 passengers in japan was grounded today after the engine wouldn't start. the plane has been overshadowed by delays and failures including a problem with overheating batteries. opening statements today in boston. the trial of reputed mobster james whitey bulger. he is accused of playing a role in 19 killings back in the '70s. bulger had been on the run for 16 years, was eventually
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captured just two years ago down in southern california in santa monica. he is now 83. and the ohio man accused of holding three women captive for 10 years will appear in court today. ariel castro is facing more than 300 counts of murder, kidnapping and r the murder charge stems from forced miscarriages caused by severe beatings of one of the women that he had captive. could the heat overcome an off night from lebron james? >> first shoving and fists fly. what caused this bench clearing melee in l.a. coming up? >> first here's a look at the new eastern span of the bay bridge. look at 'em.
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good morning, everyone. still have the pinole valley road exit from westbound 80 shut down. that hit-and-run accident out there. take the willow avenue exit for west 80 as your alternate. all other commutes are looking okay. i'll have the complete look at your wednesday drive into work in a few minutes. a little sports now. another blowout in the nba finals last night. >> game 3 was pretty even for most of the first half. then san antonio's gary neil hit a 3 at the buzzer to put the spurs up by 6. there it goes. 3rd quarter neil and danny
5:23 am
green put on a show behind the line. very nice. spurs hit 16 three-pointers, a finals record. the spurs won 119-77 to lead the series 2-1 games. the as opened a home stand last night against the yankees. they looked good. cc sabathia on the mound for new york. coco crisp, goes deep for his 8th of the year. norris with a home run in the 4th. he had four runs batted in. the as 6-0 before new york started chipping away. oakland won 6-4 last night at the coliseum. giants at pittsburg facing garrett cole rookie number one pick in 2011 draft his major league debut tore up the giants line-up. he pitched into the 7th allowing just two runs. cole even drove in two runs off tim lincecum. he hit giant marco scutaro in
5:24 am
the hand, x-rays were negative. pirates beat the giants 8-2. this is getting ugly in a hurry out here. >> ugly indeed! the benches cleared in l.a. last night as the dodgers hosted the arizona diamondbacks. players on both teams were hit by pitches during the day causing this big brawl. the fine master will be calling probably some suspensions, as well. the melee led to five ejections. dodgers eventually won 5-3. crazy. >> went into the stands. >> went into the stands. it was i think the manager tom mattingly got involved, as well. another stolen home run marks our play of the day. this -- makes our play of the day. the catch at the wall, much to the dismay of the baltimore orioles. look at that. great grab. goes up, brings it back into the park and it's so good we'll see it a third time. nice catch. >> that is a good play of the day. the final 3-2 beating the boys of anaheim. well, a would-be burglar picked the wrong victim in
5:25 am
southern california. a well armed grandma fought back in her orange county home. >> as soon as the door began, i had already decided if he opens the door, then i have to stop him. >> jan cooper got the warning from her dog. somebody was trying to break into her orange county home and he couldn't get in the front door so he jumped the fence and went for an unlocked door in the back. and that's when cooper opened fire and scared the suspect off. >> on parole for burglary currently, so he did have recent arrests for both burglary and narcotics violations. >> well, mr. perez, you have no idea how lucky you were to be able to walk away from my house. >> oh, boy. >> wow. >> there you go. cooper called 911 and deputies caught the suspect. they say the 72-year-old cooper did everything by the book to protect herself and her husband. >> if someone is on your property and scaring you, you have to take matters into your
5:26 am
own hands. >> 72 and strong. 5:25. a bay area driver fought her leed light ticket -- red light ticket and won. >> it could lead to countless other refunds. more coming up. >> the unusual description of a man suspected of fondling a little boy here in the berkeley public bathroom. a report coming up. >> plus, one of the most famous whistle-blowers of all time sounds off on the nsa spying scandal. why he says all americans should be concerned about their privacy. ,, 'm
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michelle griego. screaming help. >> a 16-year-old girl escapes a terrifying kidnapping attempt. >> this young girl at 7 a.m. is leaving the grocery store and there's a man hiding in the
5:30 am
back seat of her car with a knife. >> a billion records a day. it's everyone's phone calls. >> congress is learning more about the secret national security agency surveillance program leaked to the press last week. >> there's never been a more valuable or significant revelation, exposure, leak, unexplored disclosure than this one by edward snowden. >> four sons who lost a father, husband and grandfather. >> a deadly accident has stopped all construction work on the 49ers' new stadium. >> i have been exonerated. >> a technicality means red light tickets could be reversed for bay area drivers. >> how do you interpret this court ruling that says that's ticket that came from this stop light was basically voided ? >> from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning. good morning. it's wednesday, june 12. i'm michelle griego. >> much day is here. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it is 5:30. some developing news over in the east bay. a manhunt is on right now for a
5:31 am
child molester. kpix 5's sue kwon is at the berkeley marina where police are searching for the man who attacked a boy in a public restroom. sue. >> reporter: we haven't seen those pictures yet but we know it's out. the man said he saw them at a bait and tackle shop. a man is preying on children, or one in particular. this incident happened at 1:30 at shoreberg park at the end of university in the berkeley marina. a mother told police her boy was assaulted in a public bathroom here. right after this happened, she called 911. law enforcement came by to search by foot, patrol car, bikes and helicopter. they inspected cars as well leaving the area. we have a brief description. the special victims unit was able to interview the boy and
5:32 am
get this very unique detail. the african-american man had blonde hair with green streaks in it. not quite sure if that was a wig or not. but that's a distinctive description and at this point this morning, police say they are still looking for this person of interest. again, african-american man with blonde hair and green streaks. reporting live here in the berkeley marina, back to you. >> thank you. a fremont teen escapes a terrifying kidnapping and it's all caught on camera. surveillance cameras captured the 16-year-old running to a home near quarry lakes regional park on monday. she says she was about to drive away from a grocery store when a man hiding in the back seat of her car pulled out a knife and forced her to drive to the park. she ran for help and a woman in a nearby home took her in. >> when she said he was chasing me with a knife i immediately said, come on, waved her in and then we dashed up together -- as she met me halfway, we dashed together up the stairs, slammed the door and got her in the house.
5:33 am
>> fingerprints helped identify the suspect as 23-year-old aron kumar roy of fremont. he was arrested at his job at best buy in dublin and is expected to be arraigned on six felony counts today. 5:33 construction is on hold after a deadly accident at the site of the 49ers new football stadium. kpix 5 reporter elizabeth wenger joins us live from santa clara with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. the lights are on here at the stadium. but as you mentioned, the construction site completely quiet. we are pretty much the only ones here for the second day now. grief counselors will also be brought in the out of respect for the victim and the victim's family, friends, coworkers. so what happened? 1,000 workers, more than 1,000, were all sent home early yesterday morning. the deadly accident happened shortly after the workday started. the victim was 63-year-old donald white an elevator mechanic and father of four. white was working in the bottom of an elevator shaft when
5:34 am
according to cal-osha a counterweight came down on him. the $1.2 billion stadium project broke ground a year ago. an accident last year happened when a worker broke his foot. what happened this time is being investigated. >> the trade unions that the worker belonged to he was one of many about 1200 on site are a tremendous group of workers, our quality and the schedule will not be affected. they have gotten us to where we are today and they're all respectfully saying don would have wanted them to continue on. >> reporter: the victim worked for schindler elevator company. that's based out of san leandro. three separate agencies are all conducting investigations to see who or what may be at fault. again, this construction site set to be shut down for one more day. work will resume early tomorrow morning. live here in santa clara, i'm elizabeth wenger, kpix 5. >> that worker white worked for schindler elevator. the department of labor says
5:35 am
the company has had six accidents in five years. three resulted in serious citations and fines. back in 2011 a worker fell down a shaft and was seriously injured. the company was fined $25,000 for that mishap. bryan stow is back home but it's not by choice. the family's website says he was sent home because insurance payments have run out. stow had been in the hospital and rehab for two years since he suffered permanent brain damage after a beating outside dodger stadium in l.a. two years ago. he still requires 24 hours care which they now have to provide at home. a 2-year-old antioch boy is going back into surgery today. last week matthew ouimet had surgery for 13 hours for a double transplant. today's follow-up procedure is to make sure his new liver and kidney are infection-free. matthew is showing steady signs of recovery since the first surgery. doctors say he is breathing on
5:36 am
his own. courageous guy. >> yes. let's check the weather with as liza likes to say, larry! >> larry? >> yeah. >> your parents used to call you that? >> why would they ever do that? >> your parents still call you that. >> hey, guys. around the bay area today we have mostly clear skies to start out this morning. high clouds drifting overhead and improving weather as we head throughout the day going to see lots of sunshine out there as we head in toward the afternoon. you see one weak disturbance sliding on by bringing a couple of clouds but those will be gone as we head throughout the day so going to see mostly sunny skies. looking good over the bay, calm start to the day. that's the way it will end up except a little breeze blowing at the coastline and just inside the golden gate. a little cool in spots. 45 degrees in santa rosa. 57 though in san jose. and 53 degrees in san francisco. as we head toward the afternoon, lots of 70s even low 80s into the south bay plenty of 80s showing up today in the east bay but low 80s and then inside the bay those temperatures going to be cooler
5:37 am
in the 60s and the 70s. let's check traffic now with liza battalones. >> thank you, lawrence. good morning, everybody. chp still working on this accident in pinole that has temporarily shut down the westbound 80 exit. so this is pinole valley road exit from westbound 80 closed for a few more minutes as emergency crews work on this hit-and-run accident. so far west 80 is doing okay approaching the accident scene with no delays approaching pinole valley road. the rest of the commute heading for the golden gate bridge, southbound traffic has been fine approaching the toll plaza. it's looking good for all of marin county approaching san francisco so far this morning p it's also been a smooth morning for the bay bridge toll plaza. you can see it's gummed up in a few of the toll lanes but by and large, a nice commute this morning. no big delays out there. perhaps because many schools are already out for their summer break. we are not looking at any major traffic delays for the bay bridge, same story for all the san francisco freeways. that's a look at the wednesday commute. now to the news. you might see some smoke
5:38 am
near the richmond/san rafael bridge today. but don't be alarmed. it is an exercise that's planned just south of the bridge. officials say it's to test a tactical response for security related events on the bay. the scenario involved an accident on board two ferries. bart labor talks are stalled and state mediator is requested to help out. several contracts expired at the end of the month impacting thousands of workers. both sides are pushing for a compromise over bay and benefits -- pay and health benefits. they represent train operators, station agents and maintenance workers. a san francisco appeals court upheld the sentence of a cell phone thief who claims his right to privacy was violated. the court ruled that a person who steals a cell phone doesn't have a right to privacy if the police track him down with the gps feature on the phone. he will spend 13 years in prison for stealing a woman's
5:39 am
purse and phone in 2009. 5:39. he went public about the government's cyber snooping and now the whereabouts of edward morning after he revealed he was the source of leaks about u.s. surveillance programs. a reporter for the british newspaper the guardian says snowden is in a private home in hong kong. u.s. authorities are trying to track him down but so far, they have not filed charges or an extradition request. snowden's employer a contracting firm, booz allen hamilton has fired him. he had one of the nation's best known whistle-blowers is daniel ellsberg who currently lives in contra costa county. back in 1971 he released the pentagon papers, 7,000 secret documents that showed the u.s. government was lying to americans about vietnam. kpix 5 reporter joe vazquez spoke with ellsberg about the snowden situation. >> reporter: what words would you use to describe him? >> this gives us the chance to actually change what amounted to an executive coup after 9/11 here. >> ellsberg described snowden as a courageous patriot. google says it did not know
5:40 am
about the government's snooping into user data until just last week. internet search giant now wants permission from the obama administration to prove it was unaware. google has formally requested authorization to publish details about the national security information requests that it receives. 5:40. a one-way ticket for less than 50 bucks. the air fair sale and you have to ask fast. >> just might do that for the airfare sale. >> plus the bay area city taking some of the sparks out of the 4th of july beach bash. that and more coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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out bales of marijuana duri several hours. a wild water chase off the coast of san diego suspected drug smugglers threw out bales of marijuana during a chase that lasted for hours. the coast guard caught the bad guys and recovered the drugs. authorities have seized more than 60,000 pounds of marijuana at sea just this year. dazzling fireworks will be absent for most of pacifica's beaches starting next year. the city council voted to ban 4th of july fireworks because of noise and litter complaints in the city. the measure passed unanimously and bans fireworks from rockaway beach, sharp park beach, manor and the esplanade. you can see them on a small stretch of linda mar though.
5:44 am
business now, stock futures suggest a slightly higher open this morning. erica ferrari joins us from >> reporter: a choppy day on wall street renewed conference that the federal reserve will ease off its monetary stimulus programs loomed over the stock market tuesday. the dow was down 116. the nasdaq was down 37. the labor department says more americans are quitting their jobs suggesting confidence in the job market is picking up. the labor department says total hiring rose nearly 5% in april. and the number of people quitting their jobs jumped more than 7% to 2.25 million. analysts say most workers only leave their jobs when they have a new position waiting in the wings or if they are sure they can find a new one soon. so it points to an improving job market. the controversy over the nsa spying program has caused
5:45 am
sales of a classic novel to soar. george orwell's "1984" sales have jumped 292%. last friday president obama referenced his novel in defense of the nsa program. the book which celebrated its 64th anniversary last week advice a totalitarian surveillance state in the future. back to you. >> let's go across the pond. british officials hope the royal birth will bring new lifeto their economy. >> reporter: the duchess of cambridge is due next month. and happy occasions often give consumer confidence a boost. according to analysts who say that the royal family's new heir is also sure to birth a new host of commemorative souvenirs like teas, cakes and china. let's send it back to you. >> i think she was just caught the other day possibly buying things in blue. so -- >> oh. >> didn't she kind of slip and say thank you, because of my daughter? >> i don't know. >> i think she is throwing that in the wind. we'll find out. erica ferrari of, thank you.
5:46 am
>> a little prince or princess, we don't know. >> i say prince. >> do you think they even are really worried? they are just going to be so happy? >> with whatever. >> exactly. >> yes. >> thank you, larry. [ laughter ] >> you're welcome, guys. we appreciate that. glad to help you out. around the bay area today, we do have mostly a clear start to the day. cool in spots early on today as the temperatures drop off under mostly clear skies? high clouds drifting by a-- drifting by are quickly scooting out of town. breezy in spots by the afternoon, sunny to the coast. a slow warming trend over the next couple of days. a trough of low pressure along the west coast so no major heatup on the horizon but the temperatures likely to come up a few degrees over the next few days. traveling out of sfo, no delays expected there today. should be mostly sunny and breezy, about 68 degrees. around the country though, we may have a couple of trouble spots, some thunderstorms a
5:47 am
possibility into houston, also chicago expecting some delays there. and that is because some authorities are erupting there this morning and into the afternoon. all right. as you head around the state today, you will find some upper 80s towards sacramento. upper 90s and getting hot into fresno about 88 in yosemite and 63 degrees in monterey bay. around the bay temperatures up in the 70s and even some low 80s in the south bay. 50s and 60s at the coast. east bay temperatures more 80s showing up today but still low 80s on the warm end. and then inside the bay we'll keep the temperatures running in the 60s and low 70s. and it looks breezy toward the golden gate and along the coastline. next couple of days we are going to heat up a little through friday. and then cool right back down over the weekend below average through sunday. and into monday with a few more clouds. let's check the roads with liza battalones. >> hi there, lawrence. good morning, everybody. we are going to talk about the 880 commute in the oakland area which has been trouble-free all morning long so if you have to catch a flight at the oakland airport, it's a great drive for
5:48 am
both directions of the nimitz approaching hegenberger road. 580/680 backed up westbound 580 very slow this morning from grant line road in patches towards the dublin interchange. it's the usual stuff. once you pass 680, westbound 580 does okay leaving pleasanton towards castro valley. the 880/237 interchange in the silicon valley, that's trouble- free so far right at the top of the screen, the headlights southbound 880 leaving fremont bound for milpitas. both 880 and 237 doing fine. the bay bridge commute more folks out there for the westbound lanes. the fastrak breezing through. slow in the toll lanes. no delays for the san mateo bridge. back to you. a woman who got caught running a red light in newark beat her traffic ticket and her
5:49 am
refund could be good news for thousands of other drivers. kisha dunleavy argued before a court commissioner that there was never an accurate newspaper notice regarding the cameras at the intersection. the notice said the cameras was monitoring vehicles traveling east on cedar at mowry. the problem cedar boulevard runs north and south. >> i mean to be humble and meek, you know, i had a great judge and i did a lot of leg work. i'm really happy with the outcome. >> research spared her a $500 fine and that camera has generated about 20,000 tickets over 6 1/2 years. >> good for her. 5:49 now. want to get away? now may the perfect time especially if you don't plan on flying very far. southwest airlines has launched a $49 airfare sale for flights less than 500 miles away. that will get you as far as vegas or san diego. that's not so bad. it's for travel any day of the
5:50 am
week except friday and sunday from late august through mid- december but you have to book by tomorrow. >> i'm on the site right now. 5:50. a former beatle turns children's book author. plus -- >> because you don't have the resources at the schools doesn't mean you should settle for less. >> how a bay area student beat the odds being accepted at some of the nation's tough colleges coming up. suggests working mothers d't have to worry about not beit ♪
5:51 am
[ male announcer ] wouldn't it be great if all devices had backup power? the chevrolet volt does. it's ingeniously designed to seamlessly switch from electricity to gas to extend your driving range. no wonder volt is america's best-selling plug-in.
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that's american ingenuity to find new roads. ♪ the 2013 volt. charge ahead of the rest in the hov lane. ♪ starting out with mostly clear skies in the bay area. the winds will pick up. we'll talk about that coming up. >> and it's getting busier out
5:53 am
there for bridge commutes. the bay bridge crowded now at the toll plaza. but no delays so far for the golden gate or san mateo bridge. i'll have more traffic coming up. this study will create a lot of debate among mothers. the british study concludes it makes little difference to a child's success whether a mother works or stays home. researchers say children's literacy, math skills and behavior are the same and they say that as of the percentage of working mothers goes up, the impact on children goes down. a bay area teenager is getting a free ride to m.i.t. but says he still had to work hard to get there. that's martin martinez. he says his parents instilled qualities like hard work and sacrifice, including volunteering in his community. he says a scholarship to m.i.t. is proof that hard work pays off. >> just because you're low income, because you don't have resources at the schools, that
5:54 am
doesn't mean you should settle for less. >> martin graduates tomorrow as co-valedictorian at san leandro high school. he says he wants to be an entrepreneur and is well on his way to m.i.t. the queen of talk was known for her show's generous giveaways. now oprah winfrey is once again showing her benevolent side. she is donating $12 million to the national museum of african- american history. she has been on the advisory council since 2004 and the museum's theater will be named the oprah winfrey theater. rock and roll legend ringo starr is introducing a new generation to octopus's garden. he is writing a children's book based on the famous beatles song. it's been more than 40 years since the track was first released on the abbey road album. the book will be published in october. guess how old ringo is now? 72. that's amazing. >> looks great.
5:55 am
>> 73 in july. 5:54. in the next half hour, the drill that could cause big distractions on a bay area bridge. >> a bay area teen escapes a terrifying kidnapping attempt. the confrontation in her car and how a brave neighbor helped her. >> and construction of the new 49ers stadium grinds to a halt after a deadly accident. we'll have the very latest on the investigation coming up. make a wish! i wish we could lie here forever. i wish this test drive was over, so we could head back to the dealership. [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. test drive! [ male announcer ] but we still need your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back. and it's never been easier to get a jetta. that's the power of german engineering. get $0 down, $0 due at signing, $0 deposit, and $0 first month's payment on any new volkswagen.
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olice find him. a massive search is under way for a child molester at a berkeley marina. the distinct clue that could help police find him. >> and dozens of homes burning in colorado. the extreme conditions fueling four major wildfires. >> winds kicking up, skies clearing out, lots of sunshine coming your way. we'll talk about that coming up. >> and it's a slow wednesday morning over at the bay bridge toll plaza. we'll have details on this and information on a new accident in the redwood city area coming up. good morning, everyone.
5:59 am
it's wednesday, it's june the 12th. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now is 5:59. some developing news from the east bay where a manhunt continues for a child molester. >> kpix 5 reporter sue kwon is at the berkeley marina where a boy was attacked in a public restroom there. she joins us with the latest. >> reporter: i'm about 25 feet away from the playground structure. this is a popular area for parents to bring their children especially now that school is out. this incident happened about 1:30 in the afternoon yesterday. the mother says the child was in the bathroom and a man allegedly fondled him. she told police and they brought in law enforcement to search by foot, by patrol car, dirt bikes and even helicopter, also inspecting cars coming in and out of the area. now, we do have a description.
6:00 am
the special victims unit was able to interview the boy and the suspect is described as a dark-skinned black man, 5'9", green shirt, jeans and black shoes and there's one aspect of his description, he had blonde hair and green streaks in it that might make him stand out. we're not told if that was a wig or dyed hair but a distinctive description police are putting out this morning. officers have been around the park overnight. no sign of the suspect. sue kwon, kpix 5. >> thank you. the attempted kidnapping of a fremont teenager is also call on camera. surveillance cameras capture the terrifying moments as the teen runs to a home near quarry lakes regional park monday morning a few minutes after the 16-year-old victim pulled a knife on her. she made her getaway and ran for her life. a man was hiding in the back seat of her car and forced her to drive to a park. a woman in a nearby


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